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An open letter to Jimmy Buffett

March 31, 2000

Dear Mr. Buffett, 

    I am a long time fan and a 10 year concert veteran with 18 shows under
my belt. I am one of those people who buy every CD, every T-shirt, and 
tickets year after year. I've spent thousands over the years on your wares. 
Not to mention thousands more on hotel rooms, plane tickets, rental cars and 
the like to see your shows. I don't want to do it any more.
    Why? It's not fun any more. The setlists are basically the same year 
after year. The crowds seem the same no matter what city you're in. There 
are no surprises. It's like watching the 'Live by the Bay' video over and 
over, and spending a ton of money to do it.
    Of coarse I realize why you feel it neccesary to play 'Margaritaville'
and 'Why don't we get drunk' over and over. It keeps the new fans happy.
Makes them come back next year. Makes them buy T-shirts and ball caps. A 
couple of them might even buy a copy of A1A, or White Sport Coat. Then they
can join the growing legions of Parrotheads, fans for life.
    What about us old timers? There are many who've followed you for much 
longer than I have. You would still sell out every venue if you do what I do.
Put it on shuffle. I pop 5 Jimmy CD's in the ole' changer. I don't even look 
to see what the titles are. Then I hit 'shuffle.' Fresh every time, never 
stales. If 'Volcano' sneaks it's way in there, so what, it's a great song, 
but I don't want to hear it every time I play a CD.
    I know you've heard the phrase 'Songs you play to Death.' Well, I have to
be honest with you. At the shows, we call them 'Songs to take a piss to.' 
Because we've seen that part of the show so may times, we feel we aren't 
missing anything if we go sign natures guest book.
    What I'm asking you to do is try, just one summer, to do it the way you've 
said you would like to do it. Play what you want to play, not what you think
we want to hear. If you want to sing 26 ballads in one show, that's what we 
want to hear. I can't see anybody throwing rotten tomatoes at you because you
didn't play 'Cheeseburger.' Leave that stuff for the guy down at the local pub
who makes his living strumming covers for the drunks. You are much more than 
that. If I may paraphrase you, don't make your music for money, make your music 
for you. 

Forever a fan, 

Tom Hutchinson
5165 S. Berkey-Southern Rd.
Whitehouse, Ohio

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