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April 1998 Archive

4\30 The wings play a very defensive game to beat the 'yotes 3-1. Scoring was Kozlov,
Holmstrom, and Fedorov.  Next up: Game 6 at Phoenix on Sunday.  I think the game 
was moved to 3PM EST on Fox.

4\30 Shanahan and Gilchrist have been cleared and will NOT be suspended for game 5.
I didn't even know Gilchrist was under review, but he's cleared any way.

4\29 Shanahan's stick upside Stapleton's head is under review, and could lead to a 

4\29 Hey, Hey Hockeytown! Wings give up early power play goal, but come back to win 
4-2.  Scoring were Macoun, Larionov, Kozlov, and Lidstrom.  Next up: Game 5 at the 
Joe Thursday at 7:00. 

4\28 Kris Draper will be in the lineup tonight, as will LaPointe.

4\26 Wings lose at Phoenix 3-2, after Fedorov and Shanahan goals in 1st 1:01.  Next 
up: at Phoenix 10:30 PM EST.

4\25 Wings lose a very sloppy game at home against Phoenix.  Scoring was Fedorov (2),
Dandenault, and Larionov.  Next up: Sunday 3PM at Phoenix on Fox.

4\24 Doug Brown is not hurt as bad as first thought.  He could be back as early 
as second round.

4\24 Wings recall goalie Norm Maracle and 4 others from Adirondack to help the 
playoff run.

4\22 Wings win a dandy, 6-3.  Scoring were Fedorov, Kocur (2), Maltby, McCarty, 
and Lidstrum.  Next up: Game 2 at 7:30 Friday on ESPN.

4\21 Line assignments with respect to injuries probably won't be available on until
the last moment.

4\21 Joe Sakic has been suspended for game one vs. Edmonton for his knee to knee
hit on Kris Draper on Saturday.

4\20 The news is bad.  Brown is likely out for the season.  Draper and Shanahan 
are doubtful for first round.  Scotty Bowman did say that he expects at least one 
of them back for some of the first round.  Yzerman is listed as probable.  
Gilchrist is listed day to day.

4\19 ESPN reports that Doug Brown and Kris Draper are indeed hurt from Saturday's
game against the Avalanche.  It is unknown what their status will be for game 1
vs. Phoenix.

4\18 The Wings lose a third period nail biter 3-4 at Colorado.  Scoring were 
Brown, McCarty, and LaPointe(from ESPN, I thought McCarty had 2.) Next up:
Phoenix in round 1. Playoff schedule should be posted Sunday night or Monday 

4\16 The Detroit Free Press reports Hodson will start Saturday against the Avs.  
They also speculate that the Avs will be ready to rumble in hopes of sparking 
the lifeless team before the playoffs.

4\15 Wings falling, not the Stars in 3-1 loss. Knuble scored lone goal.
Next up:Colorado on Sat. 3PM on Fox.

4\15 Wings lose about the most boring hockey game I ever watched to Phoenix,
2-1.  Scoring was Slava Kozlov on a dandy in the 2nd.  Ozzie played well, 
the two that got by him would've gotten by anyone.  I haven't seen the 
Wings this flat since just after the Olympics.  Next up: at Dallas on
Wednesday at 8:30.  I don't think this game is televised outside Dallas
or Detroit.  You can check it out on NHL live Radio though.

4\14 It is official, Yzerman is out until playoffs.  

4\13 The Wings left last night for a west coast tour with stops at Phoenix, 
Dallas, and the season ender at Colorado.

4\12 Scotty Bowman says winning the President's trophy isn't a priority right 
now.  Seems he's switching up lines to give some player with less ice time 
the chance to play more before playoff time.

4\12 The Wings win 6th in a row at home against Rangers 5-2.  Scoring were 
LaPointe (2), Fedorov, Murphy, and Brown.  Next up: at Phoenix on Tuesday.

4\12 Steve Yzerman suffers groin injury.  It is unknown at this time how bad it
is or how long he'll be out.

4\10 The Wings manhandled the Phoenix Coyotes 5-1.  Scoring were Maltby,
Brown (2), Yzerman, and Mironov (off his head!).  

4\10 Slava Fetisov accused of having ties to Russian mob.  See Detroit News for 
full story.

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