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News from December 1998

12\31 The WIngs have picked up Todd Gill off waivers.  He's a veteran defensman, who played most 
of his career in Toronto.  It's likely Uwe Krupp won't be back for several weeks (back injury), 
so he should provide some much needed help. 
      Also, Kirk Malby should be back in the lineup this weekend.  Kevin Hodson was sent to 
Adirondack for a conditioning stint.  He will likely return in late January. 

12\28 It's a wild one at the Joe as the WIngs skate to a 4-4 tie with St. Louis.  In the 1st 
period, Slava Kozlov had 2 goals called back, and was the victim of a questionable interference 
call against Grant Fuhr which negated another.  He kept it up though, scoring 2 that did count.
Yzerman and Draper chipped in the other 2.  Next up: Toronto at the Joe on Thursday night.

12\27 The Wings drop their 5th in a row 3-4 at St. Louis.  Scoring were Murphy(SH), Dandenault,
and Larionov.  Next up: St. Louis, Monday night at the Joe. 

12\24 With Christmas and everything going on, I've neglected the page a little bit.  So let me 
catch up here.  The Wings dropped their 3rd and 4th straight, losing 6-2 to Phoenix on Tuesday 
(scoring were Larionov and Shanahan,) and 5-3 at Nashville (scoring were Shanahan and Yzerman{2}. 
Next up: at St.Louis on Saturday.
      The team's really hurting for defenseman now.  Uwe Krupp and Marty LaPointe are hurt, 
along with 4 others, and McCarty is pretty banged up too. Several guys were called up from 
Adirondack, including Doug Houda and Darryl Laplante.  Hopefully, with 2 days off, some bruises 
will heal. Kirk Malby is skating again and going through light practicing, and Gilchrist is on 
schedule to be back in February, so it can only get better.

12\21 Slava Kozlov is suspended three games and fined three games pay ($29,687) for elbowing 
Dallas' Joey Nieuwendyk in the head Friday night.  Also there is some rumors of trades going 
around the Red Wing wire, possibly Dandenault, but I hate to speculate.  One last thing, the 
page I posted to keep track of individual player scoring is closed, it lasted about a week.
I just don't have the time to keep up with it.

12\21 Sorry gang, had a long weekend.  I guess I'll start with the Wings sucking a fatty at 
Boston on Saturday.  I was making love to a Molson, so I don't even know what happened.  Shanny 
got the lone goal, and I guess McCarty got into a scrap. The Wings next game is Phoenix Tuesday 
at the Joe.   

12\18 The Stars play impressive defense, beating the Wings 3-1.  The Shanahan-Hatcher fight was 
a classic. Scoring was Kozlov. Next up: at Boston Saturday 6:30 EST.  

12\17 The Bruins comeback falls short, as the Wings win 5-3 last night.  Scoring were Lidstrom, 
Dandenault, LaPointe, Murphy, and McCarty.  Next up: Dallas at the Joe on Friday night, I can't 
wait for this one. 

12\16 I've added a points tracking page keeping track of goals, assists, and overall points.  

12\13 The Wings get blanked 3-0 at Carolina with Keith Primeau and Ray Shephard scoring.  
Next up: Boston on Wednesday at the Joe.

12\12 Keeping leads is hard to do, as the Wings fend off the pesky Oilers 3-2.  Scoring were 
Yzerman, Kozlov, and a Fedorov goal that was incredible, spliting two defenders and getting a 
short return pass from Doug Brown. Awesome stuff.  Next up: at Carolina tonight.

12\9 I fell asleep on the couch and missed it, but the Wings beat the Blackhawks 3-2.  Scoring 
were Lidstrom, Roest (woo-hoo), and Shanny.  Next up: Edmonton, Friday 7:30 at the Joe.

12\8 Chris Osgood will start his second game since recovering from the hip flexor.  It looks 
like Maltby is out at least until the first of the year, he's only begun skating.  That's all
the injury updated I have. 

12\6 The Wings stave off a comeback by the Kings, winning 4-3.  Scoring were Yzerman, Shanahan, 
Fedorov, and Holmstrom.  Chris Osgood was back in goal. Next up: Chicago, Tuesday at 7:30 EST, 
at the Joe.

12\5 The Wings blew a 2 goal lead in the 3rd, skating to a 2-2 tie at San Jose.  Scoring were 
Ward and Krupp.  Maracle started again, but Ozzy is likely to be back tonight at Los Angeles,
10:30 EST. 

12\5 Happy birthday to Vicktor Fedorov, Sergei's papa.

12\3 Steve Yzerman's goal Wednesday at Colorado moved him into a tie with Mike Bossy for 11th 
in all-time goals with 573.  Injury updates: Osgood will likely play Friday night, and Kirk 
Maltby is out at least until mid December.

12\3 Uwe Krupp returns home, and gets a great big shit burger, as the Avs beat the Wings 4-2.  
Scoring were Lidstrom and Yzerman.  Next up: at San Jose Friday night (late.)

12\2 The Wings are fifth on the computerized power ratings compiled for the NHL by SportsMaster. 
Ahead of them are Phoenix, Dallas, Toronto, and New Jersey, respectively.  Also, if you can't
get enough of the Detroit-colorado rivalry, visit The Detroit News, Free Press, ESPN,  or The 
Rocky Mountain News.  All have good write ups and thoughts about tonights game.  The links for 
all these sites are on my Red Wing links page. 

12\2 The Rocky Mountain News is reporting that Uwe Krupp did not want to leave Colorado, it was 
Avalanche general manager Pierre Lacroix's decision.  Uwe does say that he is quite happy in 
Detroit though (who wouldn't be?)  Since becoming a unrestricted free agent this summer, his 
salary has tripled.  His contract is worth $16.4 million for 4 years.

12\1 Forbes magazine released the statistics and financial rankings for pro sports teams.  The 
Wings are valued at $184 million, the 4th highest in the league (the Rangers are 1st.)  They lost 
$1.9 million last year, due mostly to the $28 mil they shelled out to Fedorov. A few injury 
updates: Maltby will be out at least 2 more weeks, and Chris Osgood is likely to be back in the 
lineup for the west coast swing coming up.

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