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News from February 1999

2\28 The Wings lose another in the 3rd, this time1-3 at the Islanders. Scoring was Holmstrom. Next
up: 5 days off, then at Phoenix on Friday the 5th at 9PM EST.

2\26 Another lead is blown as the Wings allow 4 3rd period goals, tying Florida 5-5. Scoring were
Maltby(2), LaPointe, Fedorov, and Larionov. Next up: at the Islanders 7PM Saturday night.

2\26 The Adirondack Red Wings will reportedly move to Toledo after next season. This is awesome 
because that's where I write all this stuff nobody reads. Also,Brendan Shanahan and Doug Brown 
filmed a commercial for Northwest Airlines after practice Thursday. 

2\25 The Kings stun the Wings with a 3-2 overtime win. The Wings blew a 2-0 lead in the 3rd and got 
screwed by the officials in the last few seconds of regulation. The game winner was unbelievable. 
Scoring were Shanahan and Fedorov. Next up: Florida on Friday night at the Joe. 

2\22 Injury updates: LaPointe is back, Kocur and Gilchrist are a couple weeks away, and Klima is 
being checked out for a rib injury suffered during the game at Buffalo.
     I've added a Stats site so you can find any numbers you are curious about.

2\21 Slava Kozlov puts up a hat trick, but only tie the Sabres 4-4 after blowing a 2-0 lead. 
Scoring were Kozlov(3) and Fedorov. Next up: L.A. on Wednesday.

2\20 The Wings win their 6th straight, clubbing Oliwa and the Devils 3-1. Scoring were Yzerman(2) 
and Larionov. Next up: at Buffalo on Sunday.

2\18 Sergei Fedorov has donated his entire $2 million salary to start a new charity. He will also 
donate $91 for every Detroit goal scored.

2\17 Make it 5 in a row, as the Wings down Vernon and the Sharks 3-1. Scoring were Kozlov, 
Shanahan, and Brown. Next up: the Devils on Friday night. Marty LaPointe should be back for it.

2\16 Injury updates: Uwe Krupp has gone downhill and will likely be done until the playoffs. Joey 
Kocur also took a turn for the worse. He is in Boston visiting Brent Gilchrist's doctor about his 
abdominal strain. He may need surgery similar to Brent's, which would end his season. Marty 
LaPointe will miss tomarrow's game vs. San Jose, but may return as early as Friday. Since Petr 
Klima stepped up against the Rangers, there seems to be no need to rush Marty's comeback. Todd 
Gill is still out for a few more weeks with a broken arm. And a little good news, Brent Gilchrist 
is on pace to return at the end of the month.

2\14 The Wings keep on keeping on, downing the Rangers 4-2. Scoring were Fedorov, Yzerman, Klima, 
and Lidstrom(en). Marty LaPointe sat out to rest his injured knee, and Petr Klima was recalled 
from Adirondack. Next up: San Jose at the Joe on Wednesday.

2\13 The Wings outskate the Blackhawks 2-1. Osgood was unbelievable. Scoring were LaPointe and 
Murphy. Brendan Shanahan records his 400th assist. Joey Kocur sat out to rest his sore groin and 
Anders Erikkson was a healthy scratch. Next up: at the Rangers on Sunday afternoon, 3PM EST on 

2\12 Joe Kocur returns, and the patient Wings smack Edmonton 4-2. Scoring were Kozlov, Fedorov, 
Yzerman, and LaPointe. Larry Murphy was honored before the game. Next up: tonight at Chicago. 

2\11 Uwe Krupp does NOT need more back surgery, and Brent Gilchrist could be back in the lineup 
within two weeks. Hopefully, Joey Kocur will return tonight.

2\10 The Predators spend all night chasing the Wings, and never catch them, as Detroit wins 5-2. 
Scoring were Larionov, Fedorov, Shanahan, Maltby, and Lidstrom. Next up: Edmonton at the Joe on
Thursday night. Nick Lidstrom scored his 400th NHL point in this game. 

2\9 Injury updates: Both Brent Gilchrist's and Uwe Krupp's seasons will probably be decided by 
the end of the week. Joey Kocur should be back at the end of the week. Brendan Shanahan is 4th in 
the league in shot on goal.

2\7 Tom Barrasso gets hot and the Wings get beat 1-2 at Pittsburg. Scoring was LaPointe. Next up:
at Nashville on Tuesday.

2\7 Scotty Bowman is furious, mainly at Fedorov and Shanahan who are producing little. Look for 
more ice time for younger players.  The Red Wings will find out this week whether they'll have 
Uwe Krupp again this season. He's headed to L.A. to see his specialist again. 

2\5 The Wings fall prey to stingy Colorado defense in a 1-3 loss. Kozlov had the lone goal. Next 
up: at Pittsburg on Sunday.

2\5 Wayne Gretsky has tied Gordie Howe's record of 1071 pro goals. Both Detroit papers and ESPN 
have good write ups about tonights game. The Wings are reportedly chasing after Washington 
defenseman Mark Tinordi.  Trade rumors are hot all over the league now, so we'll see.

2\4 The Wings thump the Isles, 5-1. I was surprised at how physical they played us. Scoring were
Yzerman, LaPointe, McCarty(2), and Shanny. Next up: The Avs at the Joe tomarrow night.
    Kevin Hodson, making his first appearance in 3 months, cut and jammed his finger.  Norm 
Maracle got the nod and finished the game. Normie also got a DUI last weekend.  Also, Ozzy has 
the flu, and is questionable for Friday night. Jason Elliot may be recalled from Adirondack.  

2\3 Injury updates: Larry Murphy will sit out tonight's game vs. the Islanders, strictly as a 
precaution. John Wharton said he will for sure be back Friday. Todd Gill was downgraded to the 
injured list after x-rays descovered a fractured forearm.  He will be out 4-6 weeks. Joey Kocur 
is skating and will likely return in about 2 weeks.  Brent Gilchrist continues to make progress, 
and is likely to return in about 2 weeks. Uwe Krupp is out indefinitely, and will probably 
return to L.A. where his back specialist is. Wing's masseur Bob Huddleston was back at work, 
though he wore a hat to hide the 30-plus stitches he needed after falling on the ice while 
carrying a stretcher for Larry Murphy. Yan Golubovsky was called up from Adirondack. 

2\2 The Wings manage a 2-2 tie at New Jersey. Scoring were Ward and Kozlov. Larry Murphy played 
in his 1,446th game Monday night to tie Tim Horton's NHL record for games played by a 
defenseman. About 3 minutes into the game, Murphy suffered a mild concussion and left the game.
Todd Gill injured his arm, and both are day to day. Next up: the Islanders at the Joe tomarrow 

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