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News from January 1999

1\31 I don't know how the Wings can outshoot the Rangers 40-14 and still lose, but they do, 3-2.
Scoring were Larionov and Shanahan. It's a busy week in Wingland, with games mon-wed-fri-sun. 
So, Next up: at New Jersey on Monday. Also, Joe Kocur may require surgery, which would probably 
end his season.

1\30 Kris Draper was suspended 2 games for his slash.  He'll miss tonight and Monday at New 
Jersey. There's a nice write up about Slava Fetisov in the Detroit Freepress.

1\29 Yzerman is probable and Shanny questionable (mild knee injury) for tomarrows game.  The 
league will announce their decision on whether to suspend Kris Draper or not.

1\28 It's off to the WhiteHouse tonight to meet President Clinton.  Last night the players 
received their Stanley Cup rings at a dinner hosted by Mike Ilitch at the Fox Theatre. And 
finally, Kris Draper's slash against Nashville is under review, and he could be suspended.

1\27 The Wings look mighty in Nashville, coming away with a 4-1 win. Scoring were LaPointe, 
Fedorov, Kozlov, and Murphy(en). Next up: the Rangers at the Joe on Saturday night.
     Brent Gilchrist is pushing for a February 1 return, and Uwe Krupp is stepping up his rehab,
but it is unknown when he'll return. Kocur ought to be back in 2 or 3 weeks.

1\26 Steve Yzerman will not practice until Friday, but should play vs. the Rangers on Saturday. 
Kirk Maltby should be back tonight.  Atlanta is showing interest in Norm Maracle, that is, if 
he's exposed to the expansion draft. And finally, the Wings are bidding for the affections of 
one Theo Fleury.  That could be good.Tonights game is at Nashville, 8 PM EST on Fox Sports 

1\25 North America beat the World team 8-6 yesterday in Tampa Bay. Lidstrom, Shanny, and Murphy 
played. Gordie Howe was awesome in the Heroes game.  Both Yzerman and Maltby should return to 
practice today.  And finally, some trade rumors involving Shanahan.  I'll believe it when I see 
it. Oh yeah, my buddy Marc Crawford is off the unemployment line and behind the bench in 
Vancouver.  Man, I hate that guy, he's such a crybaby.

1\22 Steve Yzerman broke his nose and received several stitches in his head after a Paul Coffey 
shot hit him square on.  It is uncertain if he'll play in the All-Star game. Kirk Maltby also 
left the game with a broken nose.  After all of that, the Wings buried Carolina 4-1. Scoring 
were Fedorov, Lidstrom, Brown(sh),and Larionov(en). Next up: at Nashville on Tuesday the 26th.
It's All-Star weekend baby.

1\20 The Wings fizzle at Calgary, 1-3.  Scoring was McCarty.  Next up: Thursday night at the Joe
vs. Carolina. Igor Larionov missed the game because his son is ill, and Matt Dandenault missed 
the game due to the flu. 

1\18 The tired Wings lose at Edmonton 1-4. Scoring was Yzerman (SH). Jamie Macoun played in his 
1,500th career game. Maracle is likely to start tomarrow night at Calgary. Kevin Hodson was due 
to return Sunday to Detroit after a two-week conditioning stint in Adirondack. 

1\17 The Wings skate to a 2-2 tie at Vancouver. Scoring were Larionov and McCarty. Next up: at 
Edmonton, 8 PM EST tonight. 
     Steve Yzerman is tied with Phil Esposito for 12th place on the all-time assists list with 

1\15 It took overtime to do it, but the Wings salvage a win 2-1. Scoring were Maltby and Kozlov 
with the OT game winner off a sweet pass from Yzerman. Next up: a 3 game road swing in Western 
Canada, first stop is at Vancouver, 10 PM EST Saturday night.
     Petr Klima, signed to a two-way contract Monday, is set to report to Adirondack after 
clearing waivers.

1\13 I don't know what the hell happened to Fox Sports Detroit last night.  No Wings! Instead we 
got to see Southeastern Kentucky Tech A&M vs. Vapo State A&M University College.  What a bunch 
of crap! Anyways, the Wings won handily, 5-1. Scoring were Kozlov, Ferdorov, Brown, Macoun, and  
Lidstrom (SH). Next up: Nashville Thursday night.  
     Larry Murphy was added as an All-Star reserve. Kirk Maltby made his return last night and 
whooped some butt. And finally, the Wings are entertaining offers for Aaron Ward, but no takers 

1\12 Petr klima will join the Wings if he clears waivers.  He will likely start in Adirondack. 
Kirk Maltby is expected to return tonight against Montreal, but, Joe Kocur will be out at least 
a month with a strained abdominal muscle. And finally, Brent Gilchrist was scheduled to begin 
practicing next week, but that's not going to happen.  His expected return date is unknown, but 
still listed as early February. One more thing, Uwe Krupp will not start the All-Star game 
because of his back injury. We can only get better as the season moves on. The Detroit News has 
a nice "midseason report card" for each player.

1\12 There is talk of trades all over Detroit.  It is being said that Aaron Ward's days are 
numbered. I don't take too much stock in trade rumors, because I've heard a million of them.  
But I think it's a little different now with the Wings playing the way they have.  I guess we'll

1\11 The Wings make many turnovers, and Ozzy makes a save with his head, losing at Ottawa 1-4.  
Scoring was Yzerman. Next up: Montreal on Wednesday at the Joe.
     Vladdie went to Floriday to continue his rehab. #22 Phillipe Audet, was recalled from 
Adirondack and made his NHL debut Saturday. No injury updates, Maltby, Kocur, Krupp, and 
Gilchrist will return when they're damn good and ready.

1\9 Colorado did their best, but Detroit kept coming, as the Wings salvage a 3-2 win.  Scoring 
were Yzerman, LaPointe, and Lidstrom.  Next up: tomarrow at Ottawa.

1\7 The Wings fall again to a very good defense, this time to Ottawa 0-2.  Next up: Colorado on 
Saturday, 1 PM.
    The All-Stars have been announced.  Starting for the N.A. team is Yzerman and Shanny.  
Starting for the World team is Lidstrom and Krupp. Ozzy finished 3rd behind Marty Brodeur and 
CuJo. Larry Murphy finished 4th among N.A. defenseman. The game will take place on Sunday, 
January 24, 1999, at the Ice Palace in Tampa Bay at 4:00 p.m. on ET, FOX, CBC, and SRC. 

1\5 I guess I'll start with injuries.  Uwe Krupp flew to L.A. today to see a specialist about 
his back.  It is unknown when he'll return.  Kirk Malby may have a bruised bone in or around 
his knee, he will likely play tomarrow against Ottawa.  Brent Gilchrist (remember him?) will 
likely be back February 1, which is right on schedule.  He will likely start skating in 
practice in about 2 weeks.
    Reports from Hockey Night in Canada that Fedorov is unhappy in Detroit and isn't getting 
along with teammates are false, both Ken Holland and Sergei have said so.  Also, the other night 
in Chicago, Blackhawk's GM Bob Murray got into some kind of arguement with Detroit's scout for 
Swedish players, Hakan Andersson.  Murray appartently challenged him to fight, but nothing came 
of it.

1\4 Chicago comes close, but can't catch the Wings, as Detroit marches to a 3-1 win.  Scoring 
were Holmstrom, Murphy, and Gill (his first ever as a Wing.) Next up: Ottawa at the Joe 
Wednesday night. 
    A couple other blurbs:  Maltby twisted his knee vs. Toronto on Thursday, and was scratched 
for both Chicago games.  He is expected to return Wednesday against Ottawa (somehow I forgot to 
mention it earlier.) And second, if the All-Star voting ended today, there would be 7 Wings 
starting. There is only one week remaining to vote, so if you haven't yet, go to  

1\2 The Wings squash the limp Blackhawks 5-2 with a 4 point 3rd period.  Scoring were Fedorov, 
Murphy, Yzerman, Holmstrom, and Draper.  Next up: at Chicago tomarrow night. 

1\1 The Wings play better, but can't solve Cujo, as the Leafs win 4-2.  Scoring were LaPointe 
and McCarty.  Todd Gill made his debut and Kirk Malby made his return. Next up: Chicago Saturday

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