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Red Wing News - July-August 2000

8\29 The Wings are working on a Slava Kozlov contract. Still no word on Draper. Players
report to training camp on September 8.

8\26 From the AP
    MOSCOW -- Vyacheslav Fetisov bade farewell to Russian ice hockey
                 by scoring the final goal for the Russian All-Stars in a somber game as
                 thousands cheered the man who went from Soviet sports icon to NHL

                 "I've come back to say thank you," Fetisov said at Friday's game against
                 the World All-Stars 2000.

                 Numerous festivities planned for the event were cut short because of
                 national mourning for the 118 sailors killed in the Kursk submarine
                 disaster. Proceeds from the game went to the crew's families, and the
                 Russian players wore strips of black cloth on their jerseys. A moment of
                 silence was held before the game.

                 Fetisov, a seven-time world champion and two-time Olympic champion
                 as a member of the Soviet team, was the first to leave the famous Central
                 Army team in Moscow and joined the New Jersey Devils 11 years ago.

                 Hailing from a working class family in Moscow's outskirts, Fetisov was a
                 symbol of national pride in Soviet times. In the West, he won two Stanley
                 Cups as a member of the famous Russian Five with the Red Wings, and
                 added one more this year as an assistant coach with the New Jersey

                 Fetisov, 42, ended his career as a player two years ago.

                 In Friday's game, the Russian team jumped onto the ice in U.S.S.R. team
                 jerseys, to pay tribute to the Soviet hockey team's achievements.
                 Moscow Mayor Yuri Luzhkov and other dignitaries were in the stands at
                 Olympic Stadium.

                 Fetisov played energetically, and without a helmet.

                 The Russians dominated the start, but the World team came from behind
                 and held the game even until the final seconds. Fetisov hit the last goal in
                 the final minute to make it 7-6.

                 Earlier Friday, President Vladimir Putin met Fetisov in the Kremlin and
                 awarded him with a medal "for services to the fatherland."

                 Fetisov has said he might coach the Russian team for the Salt Lake City
                 Olympics in 2002 if asked, but has no plans to return to Russia full-time.

                 Although organizers said all 17,000 tickets were sold, only 10,000 fans
                 were in the stands. Prices were high by Russian standards -- $10 to

8\24 From the Detroit News:
    "DETROIT -- The Red Wings signed former Edmonton Oilers forward Boyd Devereaux to a three-
year contract Wednesday. Devereaux, 22, became an unrestricted free agent after the Oilers did 
not make a qualifying offer. Terms were not immediately known.
    "He's a young player who adds depth and speed to our hockey club," Wings General Manager 
Ken Holland said. Devereaux, a 6-foot-2, 195-pounder, suffered a Grade 2 concussion in a 
regular-season game against Phoenix late last season. It was his second concussion within a 
year, and it idled him for the playoffs. The Oilers' medical staff diagnosed Devereaux as 
having bleeding on the brain, effectively ending his career. But Devereaux underwent tests in 
July from Dr. Karen Johnston, a noted Montreal neurologist, and worked out vigorously during 
this summer without feeling any negative effects.
    Last week, Devereaux passed a series of tests from Wings physicians, including a team of 
neurosurgeons and psychologists. "We reviewed the tests, and everyone is in agreement that 
Boyd is healthy and ready to continue his career," Holland said.
    Devereaux was selected by the Oilers sixth overall in the 1996 entry draft. He had eight 
goals and 19 assists for 27 points in 76 games last season. A strong skater with size and 
versatility (he can play center or either wing equally well), Devereaux projects as a third
line center with the Wings. Holland envisions him maturing into more of an offensive player."
    Also, the Uwe Krupp arbitration hearing was moved to September 25.

8\13 An arbitrator will rule on the Uwe Krupp mess on Thursday. No new news on the status of 
Kris Draper and Slava Kozlov re-signing. There are rumors floating around about Kozlov being 

8\1 Both Kris Draper and Slava Kozlov refused to sign their offer sheets. This means they both 
can receive offers from other teams, but the Wings have the right to match (remember Fedorov a 
couple years ago.) Ken Holland has only briefly spoken with both of their agents, and there is 
still plenty of time before training camp. Yan Golubovsky did sign his offer sheet for around 

7\29 Chris Osgood has signed a 3 year deal. Osgood's base pay will be $3.5 million the first year, 
$3.75 million the second year and $4 million the third year. There are a ton of incentives on top
of that. Alright now.

7\27 JLA is getting a facelift. Workers are in the middle of $1.7 million in improvements to the 
Joe, mostly exterior to repair damage done by the fire at Cobo in March of 1999. Included in this
is a fresh coat of grey paint and a red strip (the old one was orange.)
    Shawn Burr has retired. Burr spent nine full seasons with the Wings, two with Tampa Bay and 
two with San Jose. He played four games with Tampa Bay last season before being sent to the 
minors. For you youngsters, Burr played in Detroit in the lte 80's and early 90's.

7\21 Brent Gilchrist has signed a 1 year deal with a player option for a second. The contract is 
for about $600,000 with tons of incentives that could earn him well over $1 million. With 
Gilchrist's signing, the Wings can concentrate on Slava Kozlov and Kris Draper. Chris Osgood is
heading for an arbitration hearing.

7\16 By Ted Kulfan, Detroit News:

     "Chris Osgood is taking the Red Wings to salary arbitration. Osgood and his agent, Rollie 
Thompson, filed Friday for arbitration instead of facing the likely prospect of a lengthy 
holdout from training camp, which begins in September. Osgood, a restricted free agent, and the 
Wings are far apart in negotiations. Osgood is believed to be asking in excess of $4 million a 
season, the going rate for an elite-level goalie.
      Neither Thompson nor Wings General Manager Ken Holland was available Saturday for comment. 
The arbitration hearing will be between Aug. 1-15, with a decision expected before Sept. 1. 
Both sides will continue to negotiate up until the arbitration date, and a settlement could be 
reached. Holland and Osgood would like to reach a deal because arbitration is not an enjoyable 
process for either side. A team, if it loses, is forced to pay a salary it doesn't believe is 
justified. The player is forced to listen to his team's attempt to downgrade his worth, as it 
presents its case for a lower salary.
      If a team believes the arbitrator's decision is not what it wants to pay, it can walk 
away from the ruling and make the player an unrestricted free agent. Boston did that last summer, 
enabling forward Dmitri Khristich to sign with Toronto.
      Holland, incidentally, is close to signing center Brent Gilchrist, an unrestricted free 
agent. An agreement is likely to be reached sometime this week. Holland played in Gilchrist's 
charity golf tournament in British Columbia last week. Holland is confident the groin/lower 
abdominal problems that have bothered Gilchrist for two seasons are gone."

7\13 Larry Murphy has signed a one year deal with the Wings.

7\10 Kirk Maltby was arrested over the weekend for having an open beer behind a bar. It 
appears that he walked out the back door taking a swig and a cop saw him do it. What a 
bunch of crap. Why don't police focus on real problems and leave us drunks alone? Malts 
wasn't hurting a soul. A simple warning would have been more suitable in this case. Hopefully
the judge will see it that way too.
   It appears Larry Murphy will be resigned very soon. That would end the Wing's free agent hunt. 
Ken Holland says the team is committed to getting young defenseman such as Jiri Fischer involved 
more on a regular basis.

   Regular season 2000\01  
                              Oct. 5: at Calgary, 9 
                              Oct. 6: at Edmonton, 9 
                              Oct. 11: vs. Edmonton, 7:30 
                              Oct. 12: at Chicago, 8:30 
                              Oct. 15: vs. Calgary, 7 
                              Oct. 17: vs. St. Louis, 7:30 
                              Oct. 19: vs. Nashville, 7:30 
                              Oct. 21: vs. Buffalo, 7:30 
                              Oct. 22: at Columbus, 7 
                              Oct. 25: vs. Tampa Bay, 7:30 
                              Oct. 28: vs. Columbus, 7:30 
                              Oct. 31: at Washington, 8 

                              Nov. 1: at Montreal, 7:30 
                              Nov. 3: vs. Chicago, 7:30 
                              Nov. 8: at Phoenix, 10 
                              Nov. 11: at Los Angeles, 10:30 
                              Nov. 12: at Anaheim, 8 
                              Nov. 15: vs. San Jose, 7:30 
                              Nov. 17: vs. Dallas, 7:30 
                              Nov. 18: at Nashville, 8 
                              Nov. 20: vs. Nashville, 7:30 
                              Nov. 22: vs. Boston, 7:30 
                              Nov. 24: vs. Vancouver, 7:30 
                              Nov. 25: at NY Islanders, 7 
                              Nov. 27: vs. Chicago, 7:30 
                              Nov. 29: at Atlanta, 7:30 

                              Dec. 1: at Florida, 8 
                              Dec. 2: at Tampa Bay, 7:30 
                              Dec. 6: vs. Toronto, 7:30 
                              Dec. 8: vs. Philadelphia, 7:30 
                              Dec. 10: vs. Pittsburgh, 7 
                              Dec. 13: vs. Florida, 7:30 
                              Dec. 15: at Colorado, 8 
                              Dec. 16: at St. Louis, 8 
                              Dec. 18: vs. Edmonton, 7:30 
                              Dec. 20: vs. San Jose, 7:30 
                              Dec. 22: vs. Anaheim, 7:30 
                              Dec. 23: at Boston, 7 
                              Dec. 27: vs. Minnesota, 7:30 
                              Dec. 29: at Chicago, 8:30 
                              Dec. 31: vs. Los Angeles, 7 

                              Jan. 4: vs. Dallas, 7:30 
                              Jan. 5: at Minnesota, 8 
                              Jan. 7: vs. Colorado, 8 
                              Jan. 9: vs. Phoenix, 7:30 
                              Jan. 12: at Dallas, 8:30 
                              Jan. 15: at San Jose, 8 
                              Jan. 16: at Vancouver, 10 
                              Jan. 20: at Edmonton, 10 
                              Jan. 21: at Calgary, 8 
                              Jan. 24: vs. Nashville, 7:30 
                              Jan. 26: vs. Anaheim, 7:30 
                              Jan. 30: at New Jersey, 7 
                              Jan. 31: at Columbus, 7 

                              Feb. 6: vs. Ottawa, 7:30 
                              Feb. 8: vs. Toronto, 7:30 
                              Feb. 10: at Toronto, 7 
                              Feb. 14: vs. Carolina, 7:30 
                              Feb. 16: vs. Columbus, 7:30 
                              Feb. 18: at Dallas, 8 
                              Feb. 20: at Nashville, 8 
                              Feb. 21: at Chicago, 8:30 
                              Feb. 23: vs. St. Louis, 8 
                              Feb. 25: vs. Phoenix, 3 
                              Feb. 28: at Anaheim, 10:30 

                              March 2: at Phoenix, 9 
                              March 3: at Los Angeles, 10 
                              March 6: at Vancouver, 10 
                              March 10: at St. Louis, 3 
                              March 11: at Minnesota, 2 
                              March 13: vs. Vancouver, 7:30 
                              March 15: vs. Calgary, 7:30 
                              March 17: at Colorado, 3 
                              March 18: at San Jose, 8 
                              March 22: vs. Minnesota, 7:30 
                              March 24: at NY Rangers, 1 
                              March 28: vs. St. Louis, 7:30 
                              March 31: at Philadelphia, 3 

                              April 1: vs. Washington, 7 
                              April 3: at Columbus, 7 
                              April 5: vs. Atlanta, 7:30 
                              April 7: vs. Colorado, 3

7\1 Free agency started today, and Igor Larionov took advantage. He signed with the Florida 
Panthers and will center Pavel Bure's line. 
    A few of the great Larionov's numbers (from AP):

                              "In 663 NHL regular season games, Larionov has
                             138 goals and 369 assists. In 125 playoff games,
                             he has 25 goals and 58 assists.

                             Larionov won gold medals at the 1984 and 1988
                             Olympics as the center of the Soviet Union's famed
                             KLM line, playing between wing Vladimir Krutov
                             and Sergei Makarov.

                             He signed with Vancouver in 1989, spending three
                             years with the Canucks. He played a year in
                             Switzerland before returning to the NHL with the
                             San Jose Sharks, who had selected him in the
                             expansion draft.

                             He was traded to Detroit early in the 1995-96
                             season, helping the Red Wings win the 1997 and
                             1998 Stanley Cups. He had four goals and eight
                             assists in the 1997 playoffs and three goals and 10
                             assists in the 1998 postseason."

  Only Sergei Fedorov and Slava Kozlov remain of the fabled Russian Five. Slava Fetisov 
is currently coaching in New Jersey and we all know of the Konstantinov tragedy.
  Igor will be missed. It's almost hard to believe that he was only in Detroit for five 
years. He is often called, and deservedly so, the 'Russian Gretsky.'

  The Wings and Larry Murphy have agreed on money, but not length of a new contract. GM
Ken Holland is also talking with Brent Gilchrist, but signing Chris Osgood seems to be 
the priority now.

 The 2000-2001 Exhibition Schedule:

17 New Jersey
19 Pittsburgh
20 at Columbus
21 Boston
24 at Pittsburgh
26 Dallas
28 Toronto
30 at Dallas
Oct 1 Toronto at Hamilton, Ontario.

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