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News from March 1999

3\31 Injury updates: Todd Gill and Joey Kocur will probably return tonight, Darren McCarty is 
skating, Brent Gilchrist is practicing, and Ulf Samuelsson is still a couple weeks away, but will 
likely play before the playoffs.

3\28 It took overtime, but the Wings stop the Flyers 3-2. Scoring were Kozlov(2) and Clark. Next up:
the Kings on Wednesday at the Joe.

3\26 Tampa Bay didn't have a chance as the Wings sock it to 'em 6-1. Kevin Hodson didn't start, but 
made his way in after the 4th goal. Scoring were Fedorov, Chelios, Lidstrom, Roest, Shanahan, and
Kozlov. Igor Larionov was back in the lineup. Next up: Philly on Sunday at the Joe.

3\26 The Wings sent forwards Darryl Laplante and Petr Klima, and defenseman Yan Golubovsky back 
to Adirondack. Kirk Maltby returns tonight after his 4 game suspension. Scotty Bowman says that if 
Uwe Krupp doesn't play in the next 10 days, he'll be scratched for the playoffs. Kevin Hodson will
likely start for Tampa Bay against the Wings tonight.

3\25 The Wings beat Buffalo 2-1. Scoring were Clark and Fedorov. Next up: Tampa Bay Friday night at 
the Joe. Brent Gilchrist is sore again, but should only be out a few games. If all goes well, 
everyone on the injured list could be back within two weeks, but with the added depth of Clark and 
Chelios, and the playoffs around the corner, it's not being rushed.

3\23 It is a great day for the Wings on this installment of the trade deadline. The Wings have 
traded backup goalie Kevin Hodson and a 2nd round draft pick to the Lightning for winger Wendell 
Clark. Later they picked up Tampa Bay goalie Bill Ranford for a conditional draft pick. Ranger 
defenseman Ulf Samuelsson was also added for a 2nd and 3rd round pick. And the most surprising came 
next. The Wings get Chris Chelios from the Blackhawks for Anders Erikkson and two 1st round picks. 
Chelios will be a Wing at least the next two seasons, lets hope we can resign the other guys this 
summer too. Also, Uwe Krupp's season is very likely over. Uwe has denied reports that the injury is 

3\21 Brendan Shanahan gets a Gordie Howe hat trick (goal, asst, and a fight), but the Wings blow 
a 2 goal 3rd period lead to the Flyers 4-5. Scoring were Kozlov, Shanahan(2), and Draper. Next up:
Buffalo on Wednesday at the Joe.

3\19 Happy Birthday Vladimir Konstantinov. The Wings celebrate by beating Tampa Bay 5-3 despite 
Paul Stewart's refereeing. Brent Gilchrist made his return and played a strong game. Scoring were
Fedorov(1+1sh), Lidstrom(sh, same shift as Fedorov goal), Kozlov, and Holmstrom. Next up: Sunday 
at Philly.

3\18 The Wings lose with 1 second to go in the 3rd to Phoenix 3-4. Scoring were Kozlov(2) and 
Lidstrom. Next up: Friday at Tampa Bay. It looks like a deal for Ranger defenseman Ulf Samuelsson 
may happen in the next couple of days. The trade would likely include Golubovski, and\or Ward.

3\17 The good news is Fedorov is back tonight, the bad news is Maltby's taking his place. He has 
been suspended 4 games for slashing Valeri Kamensky, resulting in a broken bone and some surgery.
Scotty Bowman said Darren McCarty is likely to miss two or three games before returning. Todd Gill 
should be back in a week or two. Brent Gilchrist should be back in a week (uh-huh). And finally, 
Norm Maracle will likely make his 3rd straight start tonight.

3\15 Darren McCarty, who didn't play yesterday in Colorado is listed day to day with a minor groin 
injury. With the playoffs around the corner, they're taking no chances. The trade deadline is a 
week from Tuesday (March 23.)

3\14 Looking mighty once again, the Wings stave off the Avs 3-1. Scoring were Kozlov, Roest, and
Larionov(sh+en). Norm Maracle made his 2nd straight start in goal. Next up: Phoenix at the Joe 
on Wednesday, and the return of Fedorov.

3\13 Hold your nose, the Red Wings lose 0-2 at San Jose. Next up: at Colorado on Sunday.

3\12 Injury updates: Uwe Krupp is practicing again, Todd Gill should be back in 2 weeks, and 
Gilchrist will be back whenever he's damn good and ready, but I don't know when it will be.

3\10 The Wings once again have 50 shots on goal and lose, this time to the Kings 2-4. Scoring 
was Larionov(2). Next up: at San Jose on Friday night, 10:30 EST. The Free Press has playoff 
ticket prices listed. You better take a deep breath before you review them. 

3\8 The Wings left their offense in Phoenix, falling to the Ducks 1-3. Scoring was Yzerman. Next 
up: Tuesday night at L.A., 10:30 EST.

3\6 The Wings smack the helpless Coyotes 7-2. Scoring were Shanahan(3), Yzerman, Kozlov, and
Dandenault. Next up: at Anaheim Sunday night.

3\3 The league has suspended Fedorov for 5 games for that little stick to Chara's goofy ass on 
Saturday. I agree that you are responsible for where your stick is, but 5 games???? 
    Injury updates: Brent Gilchrist has a hip flexor that will delay his return for a week or so.
Todd Gill is gonna be out another month. Joey Kocur will know in about a week if his season's 
over or not. Petr Klima should be back Friday night at Phoenix, the Wings leave tonight for 
there. There is a very nice article about Igor Larionov in the Detroit Free Press.

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