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News from May 1998

5\31  Doug Brown is back!

5\31  Wings stop another comeback by Dallas to take a 3-1 lead, winning 3-2.  Scoring was
Maltby, Yzerman, and Kozlov.  Next up: Game 5 at Dallas on Wednesday 8PM EST.

5\29 The Wings stop a Dallas comeback with a 5-3 win in Game 3.  Scoring were Gilchrist, 
Lidstrom(2), Macoun, and LaPointe.  Next up: Game 4 at the Joe, Sunday 2PM EST.

5\29  The CD, "I Believe," featuring Darren McCarty's band is available at the Joe for $15,
and most Harmony House outlets.

5\29 No Dougie Brown again......maybe Game 4........

5\26 No Dougie Brown tonight.  Maybe Game 3.........

5\26 Dallas wins game 2, 3-1.  Scoring was Kozlov.  Game 3 on Friday, 7:30 EST.

5\25  Doug Brown will probably be back for Game 2.  He only bruised his shoulder.

5\25 The Wings are close to signing 1996 first-round draft pick Jesse Wallin.  He is a big 
defenseman who will probably play in the minors next year, but appears to have a great NHL
career ahead of him.

5\24 Doug Brown is out again.  It is unknown at this time if it is his shoulder or not.

5\24 Vladimir Konstantinov is expected to attend Game 3 on Friday 29th.

5\24 No O in Big D as the Wings shutout the Stars 2-0.  Scoring were Kozlov and LaPointe.  
Next up: Game 2 at Dallas on Tuesday.  7 more to go, baby.

5\23 Shanny missed practice due to the flu.  He seems to be fine though.

5\20 Steve Yzerman has passed Fedorov for NHL playoff points leader.  He has 16 so far, and a 
7 game points streak.

5\20 Slava Fetisov is a finalist for the Masterton Trophy, awarded to a standup player who 
had to overcome great adversity to continue playing and who is a positive member of the league.

5\19 In case you didn't notice, Doug Brown is back!

5\19 On to Dallas on Sunday at 2PM with a 6-1 victory at St. Louis to close out the series 
4-2.  Scoring were McCarty, Brown, LaPointe(2), Holmstrom, and Yzerman.

5\17  Wings lose at home 3-1.  Scoring was LaPointe, Game 6 on Tuesday.

5\14 Sergei Fedorov is the playoff points leader for the entire league.

5\14 One win away from Western Finals after a beautiful 5-2 win at St. Louis.  Scoring 
were Shanahan, Kozlov, Fedorov (2), and Kocur.  Next up: Game 5 at home on Sunday.  Let's
put 'em away.

5\13 The Wings win in 2 OT, 3-2 at St. Louis to take a 2-1 lead in the series.  Scoring 
were McCarty, Holmstrom, and Shanahan with the game winner. Next up: Game 4 at St. Louis
on Thursday at 7:30 PM.

5\11 Nicklas Lidstrom is a finalist for the Norris Trophy.

5\11 The Blues may be without both Pronger and MacInnis in game 3.

5\10 The Wings looked like themselves again, stomping the Blues 6-1. Scoring were 
LaPointe, Lidstrom, Holmstrom, Yzerman, Murphy and Maltby. Next up: Game 3 at St. Louis.

5\10 Still no Doug Brown.  It is unknown what the situation is.

5\8 The Wings fall to the Blues 4-2 at The Joe.  Scoring were Holmstrom and Larionov
(or LaPointe, depending on who you ask.)  I have tickets for game 2 on Sunday, the rest 
of you can catch it at 2PM on Fox.

5\6 Doug Brown should be back for second round, but probably not for game 1.  A Wings 
spokesman says he's at 90%.

5\5 Wings open round 2 at home on Friday night vs. St. Louis.  The puck drops at 7:30.

5\3 The Wings advance to round 2 with a 5-2 win at Phoenix.  Scoring were Shanahan(2),
Yzerman, Gilchrist, and Fedorov.  The Wings will play either St. Louis or Colorado in 
round 2.

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