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Red Wing News - November 2000

11\30 The team looked better and so did Ozzy in a 6-4 win in Atlanta. Scoring were McCarty, 
Lapointe, Brown, Lidstrom, Kozlov, and Ward. Next up: at Florida on Friday.

11\28 Detroit's woes continue at home vs. Chicago as the Blackhawks won in OT 6-5. Scoring were
Gill, Holmstrom, Kozlov, Lidstrom, and Maltby. Fedorov added 2 assists to his point streak, but
the Wings are 0-4-1 in the last 5 games at home against the Blackhawks. Chris Osgood continues 
to slump in goal, but is getting better every start. Manny Legace is day to day with a minor 
knee injury, so Ozzy may get tomarrows start in Atlanta.

11\27 Sergei Fedorov was named NHL player of the week.

11\26 The Sergei Fedorov show continues as he nets 2 more and an assist to help overcome the 
upstart Islanders 4-3. That's 7 goals in 3 games for Sergei. Scoring were Dandenault, 
Fedorov(2), and Lidstrom. Next up: Sergei takes on Chicago at the Joe Monday night.

11\25 Vancouver is the highest scoring team in the NHL, but Manny Legace didn't let it happen 
to him. Sergei Fedorov netted the game winner with :28 left to lead the Wings to a 3-2 win.
Scoring were Shanahan and Fedorov(1sh+1). This was Scotty Bowman's 2000th game as a head coach. 
Next up: at the Islanders tonight.

11\23 Boston went out and scored three goals in the first five minutes and it was too much 
for the Wings to overcome, despite Fedorov's hat trick. Wings lose 4-5. Of the 5 goals allowed, 
only two were Ozzy's fault. Scoring were Fedorov(3) and Verbeek. Next up: Scotty Bowman's 
2000th regular season game as a head coach vs. Vancouver at the Joe on Friday.

11\21 The Wings were visably pissed off about the loss to Nashville on Saturday and it showed.
They came out and scored 3 quick ones in the first, then lapsed in the second, allowing three
which chased Manny Legace out in favor of Chris Osgood in the third, where the Wings added 
three more goals for a 6-3 win. Scoring were Kozlov, Butsayev(an awesome, Fedorov-esque move, 
we'll call it the Yuri Scurry), Lidstrom(2), Lapointe, and McCarty. Center Jason Williams was 
called up and Dandenault was moved to defense to fill the Chelios hole. Williams played awesome 
and had an assist, his first ever NHL point in his first ever NHL game. Watch out for this kid, 
looks like a young Steve Yzerman. Next up: Boston at the Joe tommarrow. 
    Oh yeah, Chris Chelios's had reconstructive knee surgery and will be out until March.

11\19 Seems the Wings spent all night chasing Nashville around, losing 2-3. Scoring were 
Kozlov and Lapointe. Next up: Nashville at the Joe on Monday.
    Chris Chelios is out again with a different knee injury. Yuri Butsayev was recalled from 
Cincinnati to cover for injurys to Holmstrom and Gilchrist.

11\18 The Wings lose a heartbreaker 0-1 vs. Dallas who scored with 3 minutes left in the 3rd. 
Next up: at Nashville tonight.

11\17 From the Detroit News: "Dandenault's two-goal game Wednesday had him thinking about his 
first two-goal game, Dec. 2, 1995 in Montreal. That game,incidentally, was the 11-1 Wings 
blowout that was goalie Patrick Roy's last game in Montreal.
 "I'll never forget that game," said Dandenault, a Montreal native. "It was also the Red Wings'
last game ever at the Montreal Forum. And I scored the last goal. It was something."

11\16 San Jose was tired after a 5 game, 8 day road trip that ended in Detroit last night. The 
Wings took advantage with a 4-1 win. Scoring were Dandenault(2), Maltby, and Shanahan. Jiri
Fischer had 2 assists. Manny Legace was once again stellar in goal. Next up: Dallas at the Joe 
on Friday.
      Steve Yzerman is due to begin skating next week and hopefully will return in the next 3 
or 4 weeks.

11\13 Brendan Shanahan led the way with two goals as the Wings edge the Ducks 3-2. Also scoring 
was Maltby. Detroit finishes it's first extended road trip, taking 5 of 6 points. Next up: 
San Jose at the Joe on Wednesday.

11\12 The Wings blew a 2-0 lead in route to a 2-2 tie in L.A. Scoring were Lapointe and Fedorov.
Manny played great in goal again, only accountable for 1 of the 2 goals allowed. Next up: 
tonight in Anaheim.

11\9 The Wings played the best game of the year over Phoenix 4-2. The Wings had to overcome 
three 5 on 3 penalty kills (Paul Stewart, who else?). McCarty got in two fights, the first a 
draw with Louie DeBrusk and the second a powerful win over Brad May who landed only a couple 
suckerpunches whil McCarty was looking the other way. As soon as Darren turned around the real 
whoopin' began. Scoring were Shanahan, Maltby, Kozlov, and Holmstrom. Manny Legace continues to
play like Sawchuk.Next up: at L.A. Saturday night.

11\6 The super skills compitition went as follows:Fastest skater - Kirk Maltby, 
                                                  Most accurate shot: (tie)Shanahan and Murphy
                                                  Hardest shot - Jiri Fischer 100.5mph
Fish's score would have been enough to take the All-Star's hardest shot last year.

11\4 Chicago went into the Joe on a mission. The Wings lose 1-6. Scoring was Brown. Next up: a 
5 day, 3 game western swing begining in Phoenix on Wednesday.

11\2 The guys got back on track, smothering Montreal 4-2. Scoring were Brown, Kozlov(2), and 
Lapointe. Larry Murphy (2 assists) got his 1200th and 1201st career points. He is third all time
amung defensemen(Bourque and Coffey). Sergei Fedorov added three assists. Next up: the 
Blackhawks Friday night.

11\1 The Wings got an old fashioned ass whoopin' in Washington last night, losing 2-6. 
Scoring were Devereaux and Lapointe, who leads the team with 7 goals. Chris Chelios made his 
return 12 days after having knee surgery. Next up: tonight at Montreal.

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