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News from November 1998

11\29 The Wings pound the Sharks 4-1. Scoring were Krupp, LaPointe, McCarty, and Roest.  
Congratulations to Stacy Roest on his first ever NHL goal.  Norm Maracle is now 6-0-1 in his NHL 
career. Next up: at Colorado on Weds.

11\27 Norm Maracle wins his 3rd straight as the Wing's score 7 goals in the 3rd to squash the 
Canucks 7-1. Scoring were LaPointe, Larionov, Kozlov, Shanahan, Brown, Murphy, and Eriksson. In 
between the Wing's storm of goals, there were a few fights, one incident resulted in 61 penalty
minutes.  Great stuff.  Next up: San Jose on Sunday afternoon at the Joe.

11\25 Norm Maracle helps the Wings look good in a 5-2 win at home vs. the Ducks.  Scoring were 
Fedorov, McCarty, Holmstrom, Shanahan, and Larionov.  Next up: Vancouver at the Joe Friday 
night.  It outta be a very physical game.

11\22 Vancouver couldn't stimy the Wings as Detroit wins 4-2.  Scoring were Yzerman, Eriksson,
Shanahan, and Fedorov.  Shanny did play and Maracle did start in goal. Joe Kocur earned himself
a game misconduct for beating up some Canuck. Next up: The Ducks on Wednesday at the Joe, 7:30.

11\21 More injury updates: Maltby will likely be out 2 weeks with an abdominal injury.  Shanny 
is doubtfull for tonight's game at Vancouver with headaches.  Norm Maracle will probably start
in goal tonight as Osgood is out with a minor hip flexor.  The Wings will probably recall some 
guys from Adirondack to fill the voids, and Stacy Roest is a likely fill-in for Shanny.

11\20 Some injury updates.  Kirk Maltby is back in Detroit getting an MRI on his groin injury 
so is not with the team in Vancouver.  Chris Osgood has a minor hip flexor.  It is unknown 
whether he will start tomarrow or not.  Also, Uwe Krupp is near 100% since his return to the 

11\18 They looked like the Wings again in a 6-2 victory at Edmonton. Scoring were Yzerman (2), 
Ward, Kozlov, Fedorov, and LaPointe.  Keep it up boys.  Next up: at Vancouver on Saturday at

11\18 It seems the Wings airplane, Redbird One, was struck by a truck and is not airworthy. 
The team had to charter a bus from Calgary to Edmonton.  It is doubtful that the plane will be 
available for the upcoming flight to Vancouver.  GM Ken Holland is working on securing a 
charter flight to get the Wings there and back to Detroit.

11\17 The Wings comeback falls short as they lose at Calgary 5-3.  Scoring were Yzerman, 
Fedorov, and Krupp.  Next up: at Edmonton Wednesday 9PM EST.  It'll be a tough one.

11\16 There is a commercial on ESPN2 advertising Wednesday night's game at Edmonton featuring 
Marty LaPointe.  It's pretty funny, you should check it out.

11\13 The WIngs bit the big one in a fight filled 5-1 loss to Dallas.  Remember the name Dan 
Keczmer. Scoring the lone goal was McCarty.  Next up: at Calgary Monday night.

11\13 Both Detroit papers have mentions of a Fed Ex commercial staring some Wings.  This is 
from the Detroit News:
  "Fed Ex used Fedorov, Brendan Shanahan, Chris Osgood and Nicklas Lidstrom in its commercial 
shoot Thursday. They recreated the Stanley Cup presentation with one hitch -- the Cup was a 
no-show. Apparently somebody sent it through another delivery service and it didn't get to 
the arena on time. Get it?"
   Also, since Uwe Krupp is healthy again, Yan Golubovsky was sent back to Adirondack.  There 
is an article on the ESPN web page about the reduction of fights and 'goons' over the past 15 
years. Joe Kocur is recognized in the article as being one of the few remaining goons.

11\12 Steve Yzerman moved past Bryan Trottier, his hero growing up, for 10th place on the NHL 
career point list as the Wings whooped the Blues 6-2.  Scoring were Kocur (2),Kozlov, 
Yzerman, Draper, and McCarty. The Yzerman goal was a classic. Tony Twist got a game 
misconduct for blindsiding Marty LaPointe and trying to beat on him late in the 3rd.  Sorry
Marty, you're not going to win that one.  If memory serves me right, Twist said a few weeks 
back that he 'hates Lapointe.'  Also, Uwe Krupp made his return.  Next up: Dallas at the Joe 
on Friday.

11\11  Brent Gilchrist will apparently miss at least 2 more months after groin surgery.

11\10 A couple blurbs from the Wings wire.  First, the Detroit News has a nice little write 
up showing coaches' salaries thoughout the league.  Scotty Bowman is second on the list at 
$975,000. Pat Quinn of Toronto is 1st with $1.1 Million.  Also, a minor update on Uwe Krupp's 
status. They are hoping to have him back in the lineup this week.  So far he's missed 7 games.
11\9 The Wings look better in a 3-2 win at Anahiem.  Scoring were Shanny(2) and Yzerman. Next 
up: St.Louis at the Joe 7:30 PM EST Wednesday. 

11\7  Wings lose #4 in a row, falling at Phoenix 3-1.  Lidstrom had the lone goal.  Next up: 
at Anaheim on Sunday, 8 PM EST.

11\6  Eight Wings are on the All-Star ballot. Brendan Shanahan, Steve Yzerman, Larry Murphy 
and Chris Osgood are on the ballot for the North American team, and Igor Larionov, Sergei 
Fedorov, Uwe Krupp and Nick Lidstrom are on the ballot for the World team. The game will be 
played January 24 in Tampa Bay.  Head to to vote.

11\5  On an oddly parallel note, honorary Red Wing #97, Ted Nugent, has announced his 
retirement from performing and hosting his morning show on Detroit rock station The Bear.  

11\5 (From the Hockey News) The Red Wings have the highest salary total in the league at $48.3
million, followed by Dallas and the Rangers ($39.8 million each.)  Sergei Fedorov has the 
highest individual salary at $14 million followed by Anaheim's Paul Kariya and Philadelphia's 
Eric Lindros at $8.5 million each.  The lowest payed player in the league is Ottawa's Steve 
Leach, who is making the league minimum in Canadian funds ($97,500 U.S.)

11\4 The Wings stink up the Joe with a 5-2 loss to Calgary.  Scoring were Holmstrom and 
LaPointe. Next up: at Phoenix on Friday night.  It should be a dandy.  

11\1 The Wings lost at Dallas 3-2.  This was the most physical and exciting game since Game 2 
of the Finals last year.  Scoring were Maltby and Yzerman.  Next up: Calgary on Tuesday at the

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