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Red Wing News - September 2000

9\30 Dougie Brown can breath easy now. The Wings were untouched by the waiver draft.

9\29 Riding Darren McCarty's hat trick, the Wings bury the Leafs 6-2. Scoring were McCarty(3), 
Fischer(1st career), Brule, and Holmstrom. Next up: at Dallas on Saturday.
    The waiver draft was today but I haven't heard yet if anyone was picked up or lost. 

9\27 The Wings managed a 2-2 tie with the Stars. Scoring were Duchesne and Williams. Kozlov had 
an assist and made his season debut along with Kris Draper and Steve Duchesne. Next up: The Leafs 
at the Joe on Thursday.
      Slava Kozlov said he appreciated the support (during contract discussions)he received from 
a lot of players, including captain Steve Yzerman, who also telephoned Draper with encouragement.
      "Stevie called me and said he heard I was without a contract," Kozlov said. "Stevie said I
could cut his grass on weekends if I needed (money).

9\26  Kris Draper signed a 4 year deal today worth $4.435 million. He may make the line up 
tonight vs. Dallas.

9\25 The youngsters came alive in the 2nd period and lead the Wings to a 6-3 win in Pittsburgh.
Scoring were Lapointe, Butsayev, Williams, Devereaux, Brule, and McCarty(en). Next up: Dallas at 
the Joe on Tuesday.

9\24 The Wings have signed Slava Kozlov to a two year deal. The deal is worth $4.6 million with 
lots of incentives.

9\22 The Wings couldn't stay out of the box, and worse, they couldn't kill penalties allowing 
Boston to go 4-8 on the power play as the Wings lose 5-6. Scoring were Lidstrom(2), Yzerman, 
Rodgers, and Murphy. Ken Wreggett had a bad game in net, but that's what preseason is for. Next 
up: at Pittsburgh Sunday night.
   It's official: both the Wings and the Tigers have moved from WJR to WXYT. The deal will pay 
the clubs $50 million over 5 years. I'm not sure, but maybe this has something to do with the
lack of radio\TV coverage this preseason. Hopefully we can see some games now.  
9\21 The Columbus Blue Jackets play in and win their first ever game at their new Nationwide 
Arena, beating the Wings 5-2. Scoring were Fedorov and Golubovsky. After a fight in the 3rd 
period, play was delayed while crews picked up plastic beer bottles from the ice. Next up: Boston
at the Joe tonight. No TV or radio agian, I'm not sure what's up with that.
   It seems the NHL is cracking down on slashing this year much like they did with obstruction a 
few years back.

9\20 I'm back and there's a lot of news, so I'm just going to get to it and cover the important
stuff....It appears that Dandenault will be used stricktly as a forward this year....Bruce 
Richardson, a non-roster free agent, has been this year's Stacy Roest (ie: he's kicking butt in 
training camp.)....Steve Duschesne is hoping to play a couple exhibition games....Chris Chelios 
has a minor back camp wrapped up on 9\16. Defense and having the mid-level 
guys step up are two main goals set by the team....The Wings opened the exhibition season with 
a 4-3 win over New Jersey. Scoring were Gilchrist(2), Devereaux, and Brown...Yan Golubovsky made 
the cut leaving one more defensive spot open for a young player....The Uwe Krupp arbitration 
hearing has been delayed indefinitly because the arbitrator has been fired by the NHL. Both 
sides need to agree on a new arbitrator,, which could take months in itself....The WIngs beat 
Pittsburgh 2-1, scoring were Fedorov and Jason Williams (Peterborough), Manny Legace got the win 
in goal....offers are on the table for both Kris Draper and Slava Kozlov....the Wings are going
to be in a tough position regarding Manny Legace. He's played very well and would have to clear 
waivers to stay with the team. Ken Wreggett still has a year left on his contract.... Next up:
at Columbus tonight.  

9\10 News is starting to pour in since training camp is beginning. Unfortunately (for my 2 
faithful readers) I'm headed to the Virgin Islands on Monday, so updates won't be here until I 
get back.
     It seems Steve Duschese had some knee surgery recently, but should be ready for the season 
opener. Steve also had a shoulder surgery right after the playoffs.
     Contract talks between the Wings and Kris Draper and Slava Kozlov will likely drag on as 
neither side wants to budge.

9\9 Neither Slava Kozlov nor Kris Draper have reported for camp, meaning conracts weren't
signed. Also, it looks as if the Wings (and the Tigers) will move to WXYT radio. The Wings 
have been with WJR for a long time.

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