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News from September 1998

9\29 Norm Maracle is practicing again, he's back from an ankle injury.  ESPN's Sportszone NHL 
page has a great article concerning the Wings coaching staff.

9\28 Petr Klima was cut by the Wings, but was invited to try out for Adirondack.

9\27 The Wings upped their preseason record to 1-3-1 after a 4-3 win over the Rangers at the 
Joe. The roster looked a lot more familiar tonight as most of the young 'uns were sent to 

9\26 The Wings dropped one to Carolina 3-1.  Kevin Hodson put on a show at the beginning of the 
game, but was replaced by Elliot who gave up 3 goals.

9\23 Brent Gilchrist underwent hernia surgery today and is expected to be back in 4-6 weeks. 
Mike Ilitch was released from the hospitol after feeling dizzy.  Mr Ilitch had heart surgery at 
the beginning of the year.  The Wings lost to Carolina 5-4 in an exibition game last night.  
Scoring were Yzerman, Lidstrom (2), and Murphy.  Shanny had 2 assists.  I guess the game was 
loaded with good fights.  Keith Primeau was running his mouth after the game, he had the game 
winning goal. He said that it was the only time he liked playing at the Joe.  What a cock, I 
used to like that guy.  The Wings are now 0-2-1 in preseason play.

9\22 It seems Dallas is interested in getting Brent Gilchrist back in their line up.  It has
been said that both Gilchrist and Joey Kocur will go in the October waiver draft, but Kocur has
said that he will seriously consider retirement if he can't play in Detroit.  Also, cruise on 
over to, they posted their NHL previews today, and have team by team breakdowns for 
those of you who spent the summer in St. Somewhere instead of following offseason action.

9\21 The Wings played the Pens in 2 exibition games this weekend, Tying 4-4 on Saturday, and 
losing 6-4 on Sunday at the Joe.  Shanny had two goals on Sunday, and I can't remember who else 

9\17 I guess there were rumors that Shanny would be traded, but I didn't hear them.  Apparently 
these rumors are false.

9\15 Hall of Fame goalie and former Red Wing Harry Lumley died Sunday in London, Ontario at age 
71 of a heart attack.

9\14 All of the inter-squad games at Centre Ice are sold out.  It seems that Brent Gilchrist's 
groin injury will keep him out for about another month.  He didn't even make the trip to 
Traverse City.  One last thing....if anybody cares.... Marty LaPointe is now semi-blonde.

9\12 Both Dandenault and Holmstrom have signed 3 year deals.  That means there will be no 
holdouts going into camp.  Also, it is being said that the Wings may keep all three goalies 
around to avoid giving up a good keeper for a 5th round pick.

9\3 A couple blurbs on the Wings wire.   First, it is likely that Dandy will sign by the end 
of the week.  There are rumors that Kevin Hodson may go to the Panthers, or possibly the 

9\1 Matt Dandenault is expected to sign tommarrow.  Also, It is likely that Kevin Hodson will
be traded within the next 10 days.  Scotty Bowman was released from a New York hospitol today 
after his knee surgery.

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