I would like to thank the Detroit Red Wings, their players, and fans.  This page is not 
associated with any of the forementioned except the last. All images were collected from 
throughout the web, but mostly from The Detroit Free Press and The Detroit News.  I would
especially like to thank them for their excellent coverage of the Wings.
  I would also like to thank my dad, Bull, Hutch Knoppleson, Captain Caveman, PJ, Mickey 
Redmond, BJ Thomas, Corrin, Shemp, Cale Bodine, Jimmy Buffett, Rod Chaffee, Chris DeBone, 
Don Johnson, Big Bad Frank Grubb, Vato, all of the Parrotheads of the world, Cheech Marin, 
Jay Touve, Steve Yzerman, Brad Hurd, Chris Isaak, Angie, Pete Townsend, Joe Balls, Jamie 
Macoun (the best hockey player in Ohio State history), Magne Pettersen (the prince of 
Norway), and Steven C. Reichman (Male Prostitute).

                                            T.Hutchinson 4\9\98  16:42
                                            -Somewhere over South Florida     

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