These are some other pages I found interesting.  Although they may bore you, 
these are either authored by people I know, or are about subjects I find 
interesting.  If there is a cool site you'd like to see added, e-mail me. 
Sit back, crack open a Molson, and enjoy.

Click until your finger's sore

Molson Home Page
The best beer in North America
The Rolling Stones Home Page
Mick and the boys are at it again
The Monty Python Home Page
Check it out, or I shall taunt you a second time
The Twin Peaks Home Page
The coolest show of the 90's
The Internet Movie Database
A very comprehensive movie site with tons of entries and star bios
The Florida Keys Keynoter
Find out what's going on where it's warm
The Weather Channel
Always useful
Jeffro's Superlinks
More links to cool and odd sites then I can count
Don Johnson Pics
Lots of Miami Vice stuff
Miami Vice Archives
Best Miami Vice site I've seen. The best show of the 80's. If you know of a better one, pass it on
Nash Bridges Home Page
The 2nd coolest show of the 90's
Stadium Info
Got a favorite sports team? This site has lots of stadium info including pictures
Bull's Page of Nonsense
That's not the title, that's what I think of it. Authored by my friend Willis Bull. Check it out or he'll sick his crackhead girlfriend on you.
Bull's NEW Page of Nonsense
Willis strikes again, with even less focus than before. If it's cocksureness you want, this is your site.

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